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    Melendez open to fights at 145lbs

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    Melendez open to fights at 145lbs

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Wed May 08, 2013 1:23 pm

    "There's a lot of good guys. Whoever is hot right now. Whoever is the hot dude who is closest to getting that title shot, I'll take it. If it's ‘Cowboy' Cerrone, if it's the loser between (Jose) Aldo and Anthony Pettis, if it's Pat Healy, if it's Joe Lauzon, Diego Sanchez, who is it? You let me know who will get me quicker to the top, but it would be a good matchup with all these guys. All these people are new faces for me. I just don't want to fight Josh Thomson or Jorge Masvidal. I'm sure he wants to fight someone else, too, and so does Jorge. Those guys are going to prove that they're legit."

    Him vs the Loser or Aldo vs Pettis would be outstanding, it would allow the Lamas/KZ winner to get a title shot and him to get one after if he beats the loser of the title fight.

    I think he might have a hard time making 145 because he is a good sized Lw. I agree 100% with him on the new fights thing, im sure the last thing SF fighters want is to be matched up with the same guys again.

    I reckon he beats Pettis if the fight, I dont know about Aldo but I think he could mix up the Wrestling, take the fight to Pettis and get the UD. I hope he sticks at 155 but he is a win away from the title shot in either devision I think. I hope UFC dont forget many though he beat Bendo.

    Maby we can see Gil vs Edgar, people always wanted to see him fight (And KO!) Edgar.

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