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    MMA Could Learn a thing or 2 from Chuck Norris' WCL

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    MMA Could Learn a thing or 2 from Chuck Norris' WCL

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:14 pm

    Have any of you watched WCL? Its a team based sport so the fighters are always fresh as they only have to fight one 3 min round at a time, and has a huge emphasis on scoring a KO not only by the rules (forcing fighters to engage) but you win your fight 15-0 with a KO where as a points win could be 15-14 etc..

    I was watching a lot of it recently and here are 2 great rules that would sort a lot of problems in MMA,

    No Stalling - Intentionally delaying the action of a contest in any way.
    No Passivity - Retreating or circling without striking - or fighting only when the opponent attacks.

    Now in WCL a fighter will often only fight 3 or 6 mins the entire night as it is a team sport and with fights being so short the action has to be constant but the Idea is great.

    UFC fighters usually come to fight for 15mins with a break between rounds so for me 15mins of exercise with 3mins of breaks is enough, they shouldnt be allowed to do what Condit did and avoid a fight with pitter patter "tag fighting" winning the bout on the basis they landed more shots.

    Fighters stalling with Wrestling or intentionally running away on the feet to avoid a fight (as oppose to counter punching) needs to be stopped and penalised. Id love to see these rules taken on board, the bitching over MMA judging and scoring isnt going to sort anything. Its about time we got a rule change to force some more action.

    Anyone think these rules would fix a lot in MMA or just lead to controversial restarts and point deductions by bloodthirsty refs?
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    Re: MMA Could Learn a thing or 2 from Chuck Norris' WCL

    Post  Anfields5thKing on Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:38 pm

    So you're saying these laws could be classed as the "anti-Greg Jackson laws"?


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    Re: MMA Could Learn a thing or 2 from Chuck Norris' WCL

    Post  quicksuperlee on Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:13 pm

    ive been watching it..its on the extreme channel on sky..

    the fighters are terrible though..really are d-class fighters..

    fun though!!

    and no ground fighting...which yeah i suppose it is boring when u get 'greg jackson' fighters but sometimes just sometimes you get good bjj guys and the ground fighting in the ufc is fun to watch..
    nog v mir etc etc..

    i think that when we have fighters that are stalling on the ground that Goldie throws a hobnailed baseball bat into the 'octagton'TM! and watch the fun they have trying to get to it!!

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    Re: MMA Could Learn a thing or 2 from Chuck Norris' WCL

    Post  Cowboys From Hell on Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:02 pm

    Ahhh the WCL remember that fondly as Lee said It's on Extreme Sports remember getting the WCL best knockouts DVD on a whim few years back to make up an order on also I'm sure that is where Pat Barry made his name. Laughing

    I can see some elements working but ultimately I feel there has to be not just an overhaul in the judging system but mainly the judges themselves they really need educating on some facets of the sport.

    On the subject of Conit Diaz
    I have to say Jake shown in his fight with Sanchez last night in the first 2 Rounds how fighting on the back foot can be effective and decisive.

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    Re: MMA Could Learn a thing or 2 from Chuck Norris' WCL

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