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    Look whos back?

    Cowboys From Hell

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    Re: Look whos back?

    Post  Cowboys From Hell on Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:45 pm

    Pretty sure Gilbert Yvel is with WSOF so I could see that being the most likely fight for Rumble next which would be a barn burner for sure.

    Moraes looked pretty good last night as did Gaethje who looked like a beast in with JZ.
    Great undercard Those fights are worth checking out especially Glenn vs Pimentel.
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    Re: Look whos back?

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:19 pm

    Rumble has 1 more fight left on his WSOF contract, if he wins it will put him at 6-0 since leaving the UFC, and never haivng missed weight Laughing

    He is on his way back to UFC for sure so I see Yvel as a realitic option. I dont think they will match him up with Spong, he would just grapple him to death and they wouldnt want a big star like Spong taking a loss to a guy who is leaving.

    Anyway what about Thales Leites for someone to test his Sub defence? He has been up to 205, or they also have angel deanda on the roster, he is 11-2 with 10 KO's.

    Burkman is being a prick about Fitch getting a title shot, thinks Fitch should have to earn it with a win... you would think he would be pleased to be talked about for a title and be pleased to be fighting a higher ranked bigger name. Cant keep everyone happy.

    I really though Nam would have won but pleasntly supprised. Moraes is going to go to the top of the sport, thats 2 massive wins back to back, wish Bellator would be open to co-promotion because him vs Dantas would be an unbelievable fight. I hope they can bring in some good competition for him. Zach Makovsky has been realeased by Bellator hasnt he? Would love to see him in WSOF.

    Loads of finishes, cant beleive AA got his Jaw broke and wasnt one of them! Shocked


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    Re: Look whos back?

    Post  payneNglory1 on Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:08 pm

    Guess that puts an end to Arlovski's UFC return,his performance wasn't great but his chin shut up a few critics.

    Rumble looked good though.

    I can't see Rumble fighting his training partner Spong.
    You can see just how much Rumble has soaked up from training with him.

    Nice 1 for Spong knocking Bonjasky out as well,bring on Semmy. cheers

    Moraes is impressive,would love to see him in the UFC's 135lb division.

    Brad Pickett vs Moraes would be a great fight,Dana would have to sign that FOTN check before they started.

    But it sounds like he's signing an extended contract with WSOF.

    Shame to see a shell of his former self in Filho,he's got to call it a day,this sport is just not for him any more.

    I did not expect hardly any of those results last night,it was a nice surprise and a fun event from top to bottom.

    Burkeman looked really good in dismantling Simpson and JZ was getting worked over by Gaethje,I think the cut saved him from an even worse beating.

    looking forward to WSOF 3.

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    Re: Look whos back?

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