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    Sonnens Lil Nog Jokes... some great ones!

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    Sonnens Lil Nog Jokes... some great ones! Empty Sonnens Lil Nog Jokes... some great ones!

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Sat Nov 02, 2013 10:22 am

    --Lil Nog: the only man who has 'no-showed' more times than Axl Rose.
    --He fights less than Ghandi.
    --He signs his contracts in disappearing ink.
    --He gets hurt more than Johnny Knoxville.
    --Too bad he can't list his profession as "Fight Avoider" on his tax return.
    --Maybe Dos Santos can lend Lil Nog his heart while his face heals.
    --He's the "Carmen Sandiego" of MMA.
    --Instead of a contract, Joe Silva faxes him a Missing Person's Report.
    --It's Halloween. Lil' Nog went as a FIGHTER, but he didn't fool anybody and got no candy.


    Nog needs to get himself healthy, this fight with Gus was one I was really looking forward to, even if he was a big underdog it was a great matchup for the fans and the 1st time in ages he has got to fight someone who isnt a wrestler!

    Its a shame Sonnen is so busy, fighting Rashad then fighting Wandereli after TUF it will be a long time before Nog could look to fight him.

    Nog really has log all the momentum he gained from beating Evans. I think he could be put in with another Wrestler in DC when he comes back.

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    Sonnens Lil Nog Jokes... some great ones! Empty Re: Sonnens Lil Nog Jokes... some great ones!

    Post  FOWLERSHIGHFIVE on Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:25 pm

    Ha Ha, I saw this somewhere the other day!

    It fuuny you've posted this, I was having an hour on youtube this morning and found the 25 best bits of smack talk from Sonnen. My favourite is the one about the Nog bros walking out of Vegas airport and stroking a bus and trying to feed it a carrot!!!!........................"They've got computers in Brazil?!?!"

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