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    RJJ will be at Andersons fight, Dana talking to him.

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    RJJ will be at Andersons fight, Dana talking to him.

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:15 pm

    Anderson Silva has said he would rather fight RJJ in a boxing match than fight GSP or Jon Jones in MMA. Does anyone think UFC would put this on? Theres no way RJJ wants to do MMA realistically so would UFC ever put on a boxing match?

    It would be amazing to see them do it as a one off, maby give Toney his 2nd fight! Modified rules, 30 second standups against Dan Henderson or something! Toney would have no problem taking at 205lbs fight because he is down under 200lbs in boxing again.

    I would love to see Anderson vs RJJ, I really think its all gossip and they wouldnt ever do it but who knows I reckon a lot of people would pay to see it. I think Anderson has earned the right to ask for this sort of thing he has overtaken Fedor as the greatest figher ever, certainly if he gets past Weidman and on an 17 fight undefeated run in the UFC. 7 years as the UFC champ you think they could grant him a wish of his.

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    Re: RJJ will be at Andersons fight, Dana talking to him.

    Post  Mryzyz on Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:32 pm

    Jon Jones and Mousasi are the only opponents that I want for Anderson after Weidman.

    I have no idea how RJJ v Anderson would go, I haven't payed attention to RJJ in years. All I know is that either RJJ would win easily if he was at even 2008/2009 form, or it would be a third rate boxing match.

    Anderson is 38. Every remaining bout of his must be savoured.

    Anderson can invite Roy over for a BBQ and box him after he is retired if he really wants to. Not while he is in the business of being a serious professional fighter.

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