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    Bader vs Glover 4th September in Brazil

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    Bader vs Glover 4th September in Brazil

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:55 pm

    Glover has this one in the bag, Bader isnt any better an MMA wrestler id say, I think Glover will keep this one standing and KO Bader. If not a KO I see a Sub on the ground. Glover is every bit as big and powerfull as Bader and has a couple of inches reach as well as better boxing, he will controll the standup and stuff Baders TD's all night.

    Glover has to get his title shot after this. Sure it isnt as good as Rashad who just beat Hendo but Rashad is coming off a string of losses, he really even ahead of Nog IMO.

    Glover will have 20 back to back wins, Stopped Soko, Eastman, Ricco, Te Huna, Kingsbury in the 1st. Maldonado, Marcio Cruz, Joaquim Ferriera didnt make it the distance either. Only Rampage managed that.

    If he stops Bader who Beat Rampage, And Vlad only losing to Machida in his last 3 makes a statment. Leave him and Machida in an akward spot because he said if either of them get the title the other moves weight class. Machida to 185lbs or him to Heavyweight.

    Ive always wanted Machida at 185lbs and Ive always said I expect him to take up a dominant run in the devision after Anderson retires.

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