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    Whats next for UFC on Fuel winners?

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    Whats next for UFC on Fuel winners?

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:38 pm

    Werdum should get a title shot, Sure he has a loss to Juiced Overeem but he is the 2nd man in history after Hendo to have beat Fedor and Nog! That man earned his shot no 2 ways about it. If he wants to fight Overeem vs Browne winner works.

    Nog id like to see retire. Probabally 1st time you will hear me say that about one of my old Pride favorites on the right side of 40 but the man has nothing left to prove and Im a guy who likes seeing old legends chalk up wins, even to lesser fighters to help their legacy. Nog has has taken enough damage in his lifetime to kill a man 3 times over and its time to call it quits. He was having trouble with Schaub and really should have finished Mir but he has slowed a step and understandabally. I was sad watching him lose, Id like to see Devoting himself to Lil Nog who has way less mileage the way Ninja did with Rua when he wasnt active, Heres hoping he calls it a day at the right time.

    Thiago Silva got called out by Bigfoot Silva but has already said he isnt going to take it. He looked really impressive, Feijao can sling leather and was looking nice and light on his feet moving in and out but Thiago stayed cool and started finding his shots. I remember him giving Evans trouble when he fought injured. I think he can be top 10 again, not sure how far he can go but glad to see him pulling the trigger again, he only has a loss to Machida and Gus apart from that. Match him up with Bader, I see them as about the same level.

    Feijao will have taken a big fall in relevance after this Magalesh vs Perosh winner I think would do, needs to get his confidence back against a lower ranked guy.

    Erik Silva vs Gunner Nelson! Id love to watch that.

    Assuncao is a win away from a title shot. I think Cruz is still going to be out for some time so Faber gets the Shot if he beats Alcantara and I think Assuncao and him fight if he wins to decide the number 1 contender. If not wait on Eddie Wineland for a number 1 contenders fight id say.


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    Re: Whats next for UFC on Fuel winners?

    Post  Mryzyz on Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:38 pm

    I think Werdum v Barnett would be an interesting matchup, but of course Werdum deserves the title shot. 

    The only problem is, I can see them giving it to Reem if he KOs Browne in impressive fasion.

    That Feijao perfomance was wierd. He looked incredible and on another level to Silva, then just sort of wilted under no pressure and got KO'd. 

    Thiago v Wandi maybe?

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