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    UFC Mark Ratner asking for Weed to be allowed in MMA

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    UFC Mark Ratner asking for Weed to be allowed in MMA

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:20 pm

    "Society is changing, it's a different world now than when I was on the commission. States are legalizing marijuana and it's becoming more and more of a problem with fighters testing positive and the metabolites," said Ratner.

    Ratner believes the discussion has to happen because as laws continue to change and marijuana is becoming less and less of an illegal drug with little to no proof of it's use as an actual performance enhancer, competitors likely shouldn't be punished the way they are currently.

    "I think it's something that has to be discussed on a commission level now," said Ratner. "Right now I just cannot believe that a performance enhancing drug and marijuana can be treated the same. It just doesn't make sense to the world anymore and it's something that has to be brought up."

    Go on Ratner. Its a load of balls in todays age of TRT that its banned. Let fighters have a smoke to unwind fuck sake! Laughing alien

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    Re: UFC Mark Ratner asking for Weed to be allowed in MMA

    Post  payneNglory1 on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:42 pm

    If a few more states jump on board to the legalization of weed,then they'll have a chance of getting the commissions to drop it from their list.

    I really hope North Carolina becomes one of the next states to jump on board drunken

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