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    UFC on Fox 6 Spoilers

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    UFC on Fox 6 Spoilers

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:21 pm

    Mightymouse looked beatable against Dodson I scored the 1st 2 for Dodson and last 3 for MM, you could see the cardio was going from the 3rd onward. But with that Knockdown power at that weight he could win a rematch. Score a 10-8 round of even out a round he is loosing. More agression and he could have finished a couple of times where he hurt MM but really got leaned on and worked when they were against the cage. Devision may not be as bad as made out with a few more guys like Dodson coming up.

    Pettis sounds like he is waiting on a title shot and fair play to him. I think he is the Best Lw in the world right now. Id back him no matter who he fights Melendez or Bendo. That kid is lightnight, those kicks are so quick and whip round so well, he really has great power, speed and accuracy as well as those flashy moves to catch guys by supprise.

    Glover is a bad ass. I heard a few saying he wasnt that great after the Rampage fight. But IMO Rampage looked as good as he has looked in ages and lost that fight where a lot of it was Boxing. FOTN for me. Its a big Crowded at the top of 205 right now but I could see him and Evans fighting if he beats Nog and doesnt go to 185.

    I dont like Guida any more! Crying or Very sad From a guy who made my mum say "Gosh this is very exciting isnt it?" when him and Huerta trying to murder each other to the guy who has me reaching for the fast forward. He just doesnt work on the GnP and is too happy to maintain controll. He lost the 1st round striking wise he wasnt connecting, 2nd he did nothing of note after a big TD but what idiot judges didnt see was him loosing on the feet again, a Solid headkick more than equals out a Slam and Sub attempts should score over missing GnP surely? He lost that fight clear 2 round to 1 to Hioki. Is it the theatrics or the hair flicking I dont know cause I saw win 2 rounds down going in for a drydump in the 3rd.

    Lamas is right calling for a shot too, he demolished Koch like nobody has done, beat Hioki who was top of the devision then and Swanson who is up there as a contender still... Give the man a shot at the winner I say.

    Might have beeb 2 title shots won on this card.

    Bader looked good, I didnt expect anything else, The Janitors time has come no more UFC for him id say! He is calling out Shogun. Phil Davis really seems like the other option.

    TJ Grant has had some Run at Lw,
    4 fights ,
    1.Roller who was right up there after beating Varner and Tavares before loosing to Guillard
    2.Prater who has beat Guillard, Condit and Healy
    3.Dunham 6-2 in UFC run before that, could easily have been 7-1
    4.Wiman 9-4 in the UFC before that
    He is calling for Jim Miller. Lw is unbelievable right now, he should get him or Diaz? Possible 1st opponent of Eddie Alvarez? Whatever the case Id have him in the top 10 in UFC after that win look forward to seeing who he fights next.

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