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    Predictions for 2013


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    Predictions for 2013

    Post  payneNglory1 on Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:57 pm

    right then lads,lets see who is the Armbars very own Nostadamus and give us your predictions for the MMA scene in 2013.

    I believe all of the current UFC champs except might mouse and Cruz will be champs at the end of the year.

    benson will successfully defend his belt against melendez.

    Scott coker will team up with glory and get them a deal with Showtime.

    The UFC will hold an Event in mexico

    Rich Franklin and Wandi will retire

    franklin will be inducted into the UFC Hall of fame

    Mousassi will be unsuccessful at 205 in the UFC and have to drop to 185

    Barao will defeat Cruz at the end of the year to unify the titles.

    Alverez will make his way to the UFC,but will lose his first match up.

    M'Pumbu will be the only champ in Bellator to lose his belt after season 8

    Rousey vs cyborg will happen

    Robert Drysdale and tyrone Spong will make their UFC debuts

    Hendricks,Gustafsson and Weidman will not get title shots.

    Cowboys From Hell

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    Re: Predictions for 2013

    Post  Cowboys From Hell on Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:21 pm

    Here we go.......

    Rampage signs with Bellator and possibly TNA too like Mo Lawal speaking of who I bet they end up feuding at some point most likely In the ring rather than the cage.

    Reem becomes the AKA killer knocking out both Cain & DC.

    Alvarez returns to Bellator with his tail firmly in-between his legs.

    Bisping gets smashed by the conveniently fit again Silva in big fight In the UK in some Football stadium during the summer (I'll predict the Reebok Stadium).

    Jon Jones remains at LHW, surprise, surprise....

    Showtime re-enter in to the MMA market probably with WSOF.

    The only Title's that changes hands are the FW & HW Belt's.

    Chris Weidman gets screwed out of a Title shot, again.

    BJ Penn Officially retires.

    The UFC sign a UK TV deal with the new BT channel.

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    Re: Predictions for 2013

    Post  Mryzyz on Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:21 pm

    Rousey will armbar Carmouche within a minute

    A high profile fighter will test positive for PEDs

    Anderson Silva fights once

    Only new champion is Barao

    Ramplod fucks off to somewhere

    Mike Goldberg mentions Randy Couture

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    Re: Predictions for 2013

    Post  Ginginho on Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:39 am

    A championship fight will be cancelled because of injury, causing an interim title situation.

    Most likely the TUF finale.

    GSP will be beaten.

    Jon Jones or Anderson Silva won't.

    2013: The year of the Kiwi - Mark Hunt (Struve next) and James Te Huna (Jimmo next) go the year unbeaten and get close to title shots - Dylan "The Villain" Andrews wins TUF Laughing Laughing ok maybe not but I can dream

    The Pride Hall of Fame is started by inducting Sakuraba, Wandi, Shogun and Big Nog. The absence of Fedor increases traffic on sherdog by 76% while Dana White smiles smugly.

    No fighter will walk out to a song by Barry Manilow.

    Arianny and Brittany make a lesbian porn movie which gets leaked on to the internet (again, I can dream...) UFC viewership goes up 25% Chandella returns...

    An MMA star, past or present, will be cast in a reasonably big budget movie.

    Drug tests will be failed and top fights will be cancelled because of injury.

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    Re: Predictions for 2013

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