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    Looking at the massive UFC monoploy in 2013

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    Looking at the massive UFC monoploy in 2013

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:28 pm

    A while ago you could have looked at the rankings an other organisations combined might have matched the UFC, I just thought Id do a list of who isnt currently in the UFC now that SF is closed (Im guessing all the top SF guys are UFC bound)

    Heavyweight: 0 top 10 figthers missing from the roster, a few top 20is guys in Alexander Volkov, Damian Grabowski, Andrei Arlovski, Kenny Garner, Sergei

    Lightheavyweight: 0 top 10 fighters missing from the roster, top 20 we have King Mo, Rumble, Attila Vegh, Babalu and Jan Blachowicz at a stretch

    Middleweight: 0 top 10 fighters missing from the roster, Mamed Khalidov just about outside the top 10, Thales Leites and Alexander Shlemenko are the only top 20 id say are missing.

    Welterweight: 0 top 10 fighters missing from the roster, Askren is the only top 20 guys missing though Andrey Koreshkov will no probabally be top 20 this year.

    Lightweight: 8/10 top 155ers, Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez are the 2 missing though Eddie is likely on his way. Rick Hawn and Aoki probabally the only 2 top 20 missing though Fightmatrix has 37 year old 8-2 Jadamba Narantungalag as top 20... never understood this.

    Featherweight: 8/10 top 145ers, Crusher being the main one Daniel Straus is probabally fringer top 10 too. In the top 20 there are Rad Martinez, Marlon Sandro missing though Hiroyuki Takaya isnt far off.

    Bantamweight: 6/10 top 135ers, Bibiano, Galvao, Nam, Dantas are missing. Infact they have only 9 out of the top 20 so far from a monoploy on 135lbs, saying that Vila is moving to Flyweight and Warren is back to 145 isnt he?

    Flyweight: 7/10 top 125ers, Joshua Sampo, Antonio Banuelos, Atsushi Yamamoto missing, 13 of the top 20... supprisingly for the new weight class its a stronger devision that Bantamweight.

    If these Strikefoce guys all move over as expected UFC are far closer than ever to having a monoploy on the sport. Only 11 of the top 80 fighters across the weight classes are currently outside the UFC, Just about 1 per weight class... scary though.

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    Re: Looking at the massive UFC monoploy in 2013

    Post  payneNglory1 on Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:54 pm

    Lets hope the UFC can get the top 20 fighters in each division,then us fans get what we want,the very best fighting the very best all the time,the premier league of MMA.

    I think the good thing for other orgs this year,is that the UFC are going to have make a good amounts of cuts with the size of their new or eventual rosta,and I would imagine there will be some pretty good,reasonably big names,looking for a new place to fight by the end of the year.

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    Re: Looking at the massive UFC monoploy in 2013

    Post  sunthunder on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:34 pm

    I think Pat Curran is a big miss at featherweight. Think we'll all want him in the UFC very soon. Also, Kyoji Horiguchi's time to step up is coming, whether that be at Bantamweight or Flyweight.

    Unfortunately, the UFC will never get absolutely every fighter because the fringe and ambitious upstart promotion will be able to pay guys like Alvarez/Kawajiri/Aoki comparably to what they'd receive in the UFC because they need established fighters to build these promotions around.

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    Re: Looking at the massive UFC monoploy in 2013

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