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    Diaz to return against Kos in Feburary?

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    Diaz to return against Kos in Feburary?

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:45 pm

    Aparently Kos and Diaz are taking about fighting superbowl weekend (whenever that is) in Feburary.

    Kos seems keen on the Idea and Aparently Cesar gracie asked him to fight so we can assume Diaz is down for it.

    Great fight, makes sence to me seeing as how narrowly Kos lost his fight to Hendricks.

    Dont think Kos will be able to hump him for 15 or 25mins. Look at the damage GSP did to Kos with good boxing and Diaz's hands are better than GSP's.

    Hope this does ahead it might give GSP time to fight Kampmann/Hendricks winner. I dont think this Anderson fight will go ahead.

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    Re: Diaz to return against Kos in Feburary?

    Post  payneNglory1 on Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:42 pm

    I hope this fight happens as I've wanted to see Diaz take on a wrestler for ages,he's obviously looked great against other styles,but since he seems to have avoided wrestlers like the plague,since his early run in the UFC,it's still a question mark for me how he'll do against a good wrestler.

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