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    2012's top free agents.

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    2012's top free agents.

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:21 pm

    What fighters does UFC need to sign who arent tied up with OneFC, Bellator or under lock and key with Weird Strikeforce contracts?

    Sergei Kharitonov - Talk of him being in talks with UFC, Probabally past his best and not likely to win the title its a exciting K-1 guy whos 1-1 with Overeem. Sign him up I say, him vs Kongo?

    Sambo throws, KO Punches, Subs an undefeated Hw under 30? Id love him in UFC, Vitaly Minakov 8-0, 7 finishes in round 1.

    Sorry video wont link but really worth a watch

    Mamed Khalidov - Was out of contract, UFC didnt make him a good offer, I wish they would. They can afford to. And he would go straight into the Mix a fight with the likes of Palahres or Okami to see where he is at would be good and im sure he isnt asking for "Anderson Silva" money Laughing

    Eddie Alvares is more or less UFC Bound as soon as his contract is up, Id Barnett to the list of gus he is an important part of the Hw devision even with the DC loss, I hope he can play nice win his last fight and move to UFC.

    What about Takaya? Is he OneFC bound? Havnt heard of him since Dream went under. IMO Still one of the best Fw's out there. If OneFC dont get him he would be a huge Japanese star to sign.

    Antonio Banuelos - There is a Flyweight devision in UFC now, I think he could make it. He may be coming off a loss to Bibiano but has 2 wins against Imanari and Tokoro after getting cut from UFC. I think UFC would snap him up if he could make 125 because he is only 5"3.

    Joe Soto he had an unbelievable start to his career before loosing 2 back to back against Joe Warren and Eddie Yagin, forgivable losses for a guy who is only 25 now and at 11-2 is coming off back to back wins. I think he is a good wee prospect and could make an impact in a couple of years. The guy has only seen 1 Decision in those 13 fights too.

    Id assume there are a load of Flyweights they need to sign but I still dont know enough about the devision.


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    Re: 2012's top free agents.

    Post  kavik2 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 6:27 pm

    Cant believe you missed


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