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    Konrad finally defends, fighting Prindle April 13th

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    Konrad finally defends, fighting Prindle April 13th

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:29 pm

    What you think Lads is Prindle someone who can finally put up a fight? Rare to see someone about Konrads own in MMA so maby Prindle will be big enough to stop the trademark fatman smothering. I doubt it, Ive seen Prindle taken before and I reckon he will probabally end up there.

    Jimmy Ambriz took him down and tapped him out, id say its a bit of a missmatch even if on paper Prindle is another Superheavyweight sized guy with a good record. Honestly I thought Thiago Santos would have beat him if he made weight.

    Suppose on the plus side Bellator champs usually take catchweight fights so they dont have to put their title on the line between tournaments so it would be good to see them give him Thiago Santos at Superheavy and tell them to forgot about healthy eating for this one.

    At 27 id like to see him kept busy and his Sub game worked on. I think he could be good if he gets some more BJJ to back up that wrestling because the guy is clearly never going to be a striker.

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