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    UFC Champs by the numbers

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    UFC Champs by the numbers

    Post  rudeboyben84 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:34 am

    Taken from Sherdog

    Number of Twitter followers! Laughing

    Anyone really stand out as the best?

    Strikes landed, Cain has more than double anyone else and hasnt the lest sub attemps which supprised me. I looked at these stats too, Strikes taken to landed in the UFC

    Strike Differential (+/-)

    Rank Fighter Total
    1 Cain Velasquez 6.31
    2 Junior dos Santos 4.80
    3 Phil Davis 3.01
    4 Georges St-Pierre 2.65
    5 Jon Jones 2.53
    6 Matt Mitrione 2.38
    7 Cheick Kongo 2.30
    8 Nate Quarry 2.16
    9 Chael Sonnen 2.15
    10 Rich Franklin 2.13

    Apart from JDS he has twice a high percentage of shots taken to landed.

    Numbers dont lie the man is a wreckingball of a figther, JDS has a hell of a job on his hands but Wrestling wise he might be a bit underrated his Takedown rate is 75% to Cains 72% and his TDD is 83% to Cains 88% better than I thought.

    Cracking website if anyone wants to flick through fighters stats.
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    Re: UFC Champs by the numbers

    Post  Anfields5thKing on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:51 am

    Interesting that Jones has the worst numbers of the 4 heavier fighters in both successful takedowns and strikes landed yet people continously dribble about how good he is in those two aspects. And he's faced far weaker opposition than Anderson or GSP, and never had to fight guys bigger than him like Cain.

    His quality of opponents is arguably the weakest of any of the other champs. The win % is padded by who his opponents have been fighting.

    Gusmao for example had never lost, but he'd never fought in the UFC before. He'd fought 6 cans. Then Jones decisioned him, and then he got knocked clean out by Soszynski. He was then cut and was last seen getting his face smashed by the mighty and well known Tim Williams.
    Bader was unbeaten but his only decent wins were a years past it Little Nog and Jardine(and many felt he lost to Little Nog.) plus he's just been destroyed by Tito who hadn't won in how long??
    Bonnar was 11-4 but who has he ever beaten?? Jardine back in 06?
    I like the Janitor but to be 24-4 and not have a real name victory in 7 years since he beat Rizzo shows the level of fighters he's been going against. Rizzo and Little Nog are the only top level fighters he's beaten.
    Jake O'Brien's only win of note was a shot Heath Herring. Being 11-2 but having been destroyed by the only two good fighters you've faced is not impressive.
    Hamill was 7-2 and in fairness all bar 1 of his fights was in the UFC and he was coming off his biggest win in Mark Munoz.
    Ramplod was 32-8, although it was really 30-10 because Machida and Ninja both beat him but he has fought the best of the best. He's also done though, and he trains at the worst camp in MMA and was the ideal opponent for Jones because he has no concept of angles or lateral movement.
    Shogun was 19-4 but he was also injured and any top ten LHW would have destroyed him that night. Let's see them rematch with Shogun in the shape he was in vs Machida and Forrest.

    He also fought 5 cans to begin his career. Two of whom apparently had pretty good records.

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