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    So what's next for the UFC 133 guys


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    So what's next for the UFC 133 guys

    Post  payneNglory1 on Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:18 pm

    Rashad - obviously the winner of bones vs Rampage

    Tito - Franklin,Janitor

    Vitor - Winner of Munoz - Leban,winner of bisping - Miller

    Akiyama - Wandi or drop to WW

    Ebersole - Dong Hyun Kim,Story,Hendricks,MacDonald

    Hallman - cut

    Philippou - Sakara,Tavares,Natal

    Rivera - cut

    MacDonald - Story,Ebersole,Patrick

    Pyle - Pierce,Rocha,winner of Thiago vs Mitchell

    Gustafsson - Lil Nog,Bonner,Kingsbury

    Mendes - winner of Kenny - Aldo

    yahya - swanson,korean Zombie

    Menjivar - McDonald,winner of Mizugaki - Escovedo

    Pace - Duran,winner of Jabouin - Loveland or Fiueroa - Reinhardt

    hendricks - Story rematch,Don hyun kim,Ebersole

    pierce - Pyle,Pierson

    MTB - Hominick,Omigawa

    Phan - Garcia rematch

    Natal - Tavares,Philippou

    Bradley - ?????

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    Re: So what's next for the UFC 133 guys

    Post  redmeanie77 on Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:48 am

    I really wanna see Tito fight Wandi or Lil Nog next.

    Gustaffson will probably fight Bader next i think. Rory to fight Alves if he beats Papy.

    Mendes is going to take that title away from Aldo i think. I predicted that before even Hominick fight. Hioki will probably lose to Roop lol.

    I hope they do Rashad-Hendo for title shot. Or give Rashad title shot straight away and sign Hendo-Machida at same event as Rashad's title shot, then obviously winners face each other.

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    Re: So what's next for the UFC 133 guys

    Post  Mryzyz on Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:01 pm

    Rashad ~ LHW Shot
    Tito ~ Wandy if he doesn't retire, or Rich Franklin/Lil' Nog
    Belfort ~ Loser of Stann - Sonnen
    Akiyama ~ Get down to 170. Chris Lytle or Dan Hardy would be good
    Ebersole ~ Winner of Hughes - Sanchez. Or Anthony Johnson.
    Phillipou ~ Sakara
    MacDonald ~ urmmm... Anthony Johnson?
    Pyle ~ Pierce
    Gustafsson ~ Bader
    Mendes ~ Aldo
    Yaha ~ KZ
    Menjivar ~ er.. Anthony Johnson.
    Phan ~ Garcia
    Pace ~ Rumble
    Pierce ~ Pyle
    Broon ~ Homnick
    Hendricks ~ Anthony Johnson?

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    Re: So what's next for the UFC 133 guys

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