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    Looking For MMA Bloggers


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    Re: Looking For MMA Bloggers

    Post  Sheldan on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:12 am

    Yeah mate any of those ideas sound great Very Happy .. I go on holiday on Sunday so I won't be able to do any reviews on any of the ones you mentioned so it would help a lot if you could do something like that Smile .. The Jon Jones idea is a good one too, like I said to a few others, if you ever have anything on your mind no matter the sport, just write it up and i'll be more then happy to post it on the site.

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    Re: Looking For MMA Bloggers

    Post  p4pnumber_1 on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:18 am

    No problem mate, will do Very Happy

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    Re: Looking For MMA Bloggers

    Post  Ginginho on Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:35 am

    pinsman wrote:Just had a scan, get some rugby on there gin! Would be interested to see your take on the teams and favs for the RWC? Take it your from NZ?

    Yep Kiwi as!! Although I must say that I'm not the biggest rugby fan - I prefer football. I have a horrible feeling the Aussies will win this one. They seem to be the type of team that could lose to any of the top 6 teams but they also have the best team to beat the All Blacks. They have a good coach too. The ABs home advantage will be negated by the immense pressure they will be under. And if McCaw and Carter get injured........

    Paddyjock wrote:Ging I'm coming to Auckland from 9th September until 3rd of October for the World Cup. I'be got tickets to every group game at Eden Park. Might even have a spare.....

    Shit bro - that will be awesome. I remember you saying that you would be over in another thread. Are you following a particular team?

    Although Eden Park ain't much of a ground apparently....

    Couple of words of advice. DO NOT rely on public transport in Auckland unless you are just taking a train to the game. It's shit. Get a car. The roads and traffic aren't much better but at least you are in control Smile I gotta a spare car if you need one. Piece of shit but reliable enough.

    Are you in Auckland the whole time?

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    Re: Looking For MMA Bloggers

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